Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Here at Sense ABLE Brain, our Occupational Therapists specialize in the treatment of retained primitive reflexes, sensory processing/integration deficits, sensorimotor deficits, fine motor challenges, coordination difficulties, self-help difficulties, motor limitations, emotional/behavioral control, and more. 

Occupational Therapy begins with a thorough evaluation of your child.  From this, a written evaluation report is developed and reviewed with you.  Then a plan of treatment is created and agreed upon, with a schedule that fits into your life.

Direct treatment is a hands-on approach between the therapist and the child.  Each session typically lasts 1 hr, depending on the child’s tolerance.  

In addition to direct treatment, we are able to offer teletherapy sessions, monthly Home Programs, and consultation services via phone, email, or written communication.  These consults can be provided to parents, teachers, or other caregivers in a child’s life, providing caregivers with the knowledge, support and/or tools to make environmental modifications, adaptations, and/or therapeutic interventions in order to help the child become successful in their home, academic, and community environments.