For improved

* Health

* Learning

* Relationships

to be ABLE to live and love life.

We provide the highest quality individualized Sensory-based Occupational Therapy, utilizing a holistic, whole-person approach, while supporting and educating family and caregivers, so that our clients experience improved health and quality of life, enhanced learning ability, and more meaningful relationships.

pediatric occupational therapy

Is your child struggling to play, communicate, eat, learn, socialize, or connect? We can help!

feeding therapy

Picky eater? Problem feeder? We can help!

Trauma, anxiety, auditory processing, and social skills

Does your child experience anxiety, auditory processing challenges, or social skills challenges? We can help!


Handwriting difficulties can be detrimental to a child’s academic performance AND their self-esteem. We can help! 

learning and executive function

Does your child struggle with learning and executive function challenges? We can help!

occupational therapy at any age

For the older teen, young adult, parent, or grandparent looking for sensory processing therapy. We can help!

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Introducing Our Newest Team Member!

We are so excited to introduce our newest Occupational Therapist: Danielle Hicken, MS, OTR/L! Danielle Hicken is a pediatric occupational therapist with a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy from Florida Gulf Coast University. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in … Continue reading Introducing Our Newest Team Member!

Now Offering Feeding Therapy!

We recently introduced you to our newest team member, Katherine McKimmy, MOT, OTR/L. In our introduction, we shared all of Katherine’s amazing accomplishments in regards to additional training to be able to better serve her pediatric clients. And now we are excited to share with you that Katherine will begin offering Pediatric Feeding Therapy in … Continue reading Now Offering Feeding Therapy!

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