About Us

  • We have been called “not-normal” therapists and “iRreGuLar” therapists and we proudly provide “not-normal” and “iRreGuLar” therapy in addition to traditional and evidence-based practices. We don’t rule out an approach just because insurance won’t pay for it or the schools won’t allow it. We are only limited by what God allows to be fruitful within our therapy.
  • We approach our clients holistically and as a family unit, understanding that the parents direct the therapy and goals, not the insurance companies or schools. For this reason, parents are involved in treatment sessions as much as possible, often becoming a therapeutic instrument for the child to interact with.
  • The kids are our JOY! Our therapy sessions have been called FUNky, and we aim to make sure that your child has a FUNky time while they are rewiring their brain and improving their skills!
  • Moms are our mission. We understand your heart and we want to offer you hope through helping your child, so that you can bring healing and harmony into your marriage and family relationships, and return to being the heart of your home.
  • We respect and honor Dads.  We LOVE when Dads come in and join therapy!  We aim to foster healthy relationships between Dads and their precious children, as well as Dads and their beautiful wives.
  • We support a parent’s chosen method of educating their child NO MATTER WHAT that method is.  We have chosen different paths ourselves that include public school, private school, hybrid school, and homeschooling.  We are happy to mentor parents down any of these paths, as much as we are able.
  • We will love and help ANYONE who is concerned about the child(ren) that they love, and who will actively participate in the therapeutic process openly and honestly with us, revealing their own needs and challenges to participation so that we can best meet the needs of the family unit and help the child overcome challenges.
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