November’s News

November’s News


I know November is almost half over.  Well, better late than never, right?

The theme in our office for the month of November is Thanksgiving.  We will be focusing on the holiday for sure, but we will also be intentionally fostering an attitude of being grateful.  Here are some of the fun things that have been happening in the office so far this month.



Here at SenseAbleBrain, we cherish family time.  For that reason we will be closed from Wednesday-Friday the week of Thanksgiving.  We hope and pray that you enjoy the precious moments you get with family!

If you are usually scheduled for therapy on those days, and are interested in rescheduling for Monday or Tuesday, please call to see if we have any available openings.  And if you are usually scheduled for Monday or Tuesday, but will be taking the week off, please let us know!


We are offering a new workshop in December, and it’s unlike anything we’ve offered before!  This will be COMPLETELY unstructured!  We are inviting parents to come and “Ask the OT” questions, and we will engage in thoughtful conversation to provide insight into how their child(ren) are wired, as well as suggestions for tips to help them get through the holidays in peace and harmony!  (Registration is limited due to the conversational nature of the event.)  Register here.


IMG_20161112_075901.jpgWITH GRATITUDE…

Many of you know that I’ve been a little out of touch lately.  My mother has been extremely ill in Maryland, and I’ve been trying to be as available to her and my sisters as I possibly can.  I want to personally thank all of you.  You have all been so supportive and prayerful, and our whole family appreciates it!  Mom seems to have finally turned a corner.  I was able to visit her in rehab this past weekend, and she is regaining strength and balance.  (I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was for me to let the staff therapists do their job without me directing them!)  She still has several months of treatments to go through, but this is progress!  Here’s a picture of my mom working hard in OT on Saturday morning.

~Kim Hazelton, OTR/L


Here at SenseAbleBrain, we are truly thankful for the trust you put in us to help you with your precious children.  We hope that you have much to be thankful for as well.


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