Speech & Language Therapy

When a child struggles with communication, eating, or reading skills, it can be frustrating for everyone involved, especially the child.

We understand this. Our Speech Therapist can help your child learn the skills to be able to communicate more clearly, safely eat a greater variety of foods, and improve reading and writing skills.


Our Speech Therapy can help a child improve their ability to

  • understand the sounds in words (receptive language)
  • understand how words are used in speaking and reading
  • follow verbal and written directions
  • ability to articulate their thoughts
  • communicate confidently
  • have conversations with family and friends!


Our Speech Therapy can help a child

  • form the sounds of speech more clearly and articulately
  • put sounds together more clearly so others can understand them better
  • articulate thoughts and needs more clearly
  • decrease frustration through being understood!

Feeding Therapy

Speech Therapy can also help a child who struggles with being able to eat safely and sufficently to be healthy. Children can improve their ability to

  • increase the variety of food choices they will accept
  • chew the food sufficiently
  • swallow food safely
  • decrease drooling
  • enjoy mealtime!

Reading, Writing, and spelling skills

Reading is visual language. Speech Therapy can help a child improve their language skills to be able to be better visual communicators, both with reading and writing. Children can improve their ability to

  • comprehend what they are reading
  • communicate complete thoughts on paper
  • read phonetically
  • spell accurately
  • enjoy reading!

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