Get Started in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Request an Appointment by filling out the form at the top of this page!
    • We can typically get infants and toddlers in for Feeding Therapy appointments within 7 days.
    • Our Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy programs often have a waiting list. We’ll get you in as soon as possible!
  2. We call you for the first available opening for an evaluation.
    • You may need to be flexible with this appointment since our therapists’ schedules stay full and this appointment is usually offered when we get an opening with short notice.
  3. We will perform the 1-hour evaluation and schedule the follow-up appointment to go over the evaluation results, and you decide if we move forward from there!

If you’re ready to get your child on the path to success, just click on the button above and fill out the form. We will call you to schedule an evaluation appointment as soon as possible!

Need to know a little more?

  1. What happens at the follow-up consultation:
    • We will review the Evaluation Report.
    • We will let you know if your child qualifies for our
      • Feeding Therapy Program
      • Neuro-Developmental Therapy Path to Success program
    • We will review our proposed Plan of Care (POC) with goals.
    • If you agree, you will sign the Parent Agreement committing to follow-through with the POC.
  2. We set up a schedule for therapy that works for your family to ensure the utmost consistency of care.
    • It may take a few weeks to be able to start a consistent schedule. Until then, we offer a Flex Schedule option in which we offer you appointments when they become available. This schedule gets first priority over the Evaluation waiting list and often has weekly availability. This option allows your child to start to receive therapeutic intervention sooner.
  3. Once a consistent schedule is available, your child will receive consistent therapy and begin the path to success!
    • Note on scheduling: We make every effort to find a schedule that is agreeable to your life. However, after-school appointments are difficult to get. For this reason, we will offer daytime scheduling to families. Families that assume the imposition of taking their child out of school for therapy get offered after-school scheduling first when it becomes available. Families that don’t take the daytime schedule as a first option will often have to wait until Summer to get on the schedule.

We take our role in your child’s success story very seriously, and when we work with your child we make a commitment to them and to you. In addition, we expect you to make a commitment to the therapy plan. We know that consistency of therapuetic intervention plays a key role in how well a child will progress, how long it will take, and how enduring the results will be. Before we even start therapy, we want to make sure we are a good fit for each other to ensure optimal outcomes.

Payment Options

  1. Family Empowerment Scholarship – Unique Abilities (FES-UA, formerly Gardiner Scholarship): we are direct-bill providers.
  2. Credit card, HSA/FSA, check, and cash: accepted.
  3. Insurance:  We are no longer in-network, nor do we submit out-of-network claims to insurance. We offer Superbills for families to get reimbursed from their insurance company, based upon their policy. Our families have had success getting reimbursed for the services they have received from us. We recommend that you contact your insurance company before starting any therapy services, in or out of network, to be sure of your coverage. You can use this Insurance Resource Guide to help you navigate your insurance benefits.
  4. Discounts: Available for packages.
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