Dyslexia and Speech Therapy

Dyslexia and Speech Therapy

Dyslexia, or reading challenges, seem to be on the increase these days. And parents are finding it harder and harder to find the help their child needs. Often, parents don’t know where to turn for help. And most don’t realize that there are Speech Language Pathologists (Speech Therapists) that can help their child with reading challenges.

When you think about it, reading is just visual language.

A Speech Language Pathologist is uniquely qualified to identify language disorders, including visual/reading disorders. Though not all of them work in this area of Language Disorders.

How does a Speech Language Pathologist help a child with Dyslexia or reading challenges?

  • They can help a child understand the sounds in words which contributes to the phonics of reading.
  • Improving the sounds in the words leads to improved spelling, which contributes to improved reading.
  • They help them improve reading comprehension.
  • They help them regulate their emotions when they become frustrated so that they can continue to work toward better reading skills.

    All of this ultimately helps a child enjoy reading more, and gain more benefit from what they read!

    If you’re looking for help for your child who is struggling with reading, call us!

    ~ Your SAB Team

    Helping struggling children succeed!

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