Therapy Products in Our New Store!

Therapy Products in Our New Store!

For years, we have counseled parents that they could purchase the same things we use in our therapy sessions from Amazon in order to do similar activities at home. And for years, parents have struggled to find what we recommend. Well, things just got easier!

We now have an online store on our website where you can find the items we recommend most often! These items are all links to our affiliate store on Amazon. (Yes, we will earn something from each purchase.)

In addition to the Amazon affiliate products, you can now buy Kim Hazelton’s book, “Calm Down, Child. 50+ Strategies to Turn Down the Fight, Flight, Freeze in Your Anxious, Stressed, and Angry Child” for slightly less than you can get it from Amazon! (But if you want to buy it from Amazon, here’s the link!

As always, thank you for trusting us to work with your precious family!

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