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Calm Down, Child (book). If you’d like to purchase it directly from us for less than Amazon’s price, click here.
Kids protective hat with face shield
Children’s face covering/mask/gaiter

Bendy straws! Promote increased water intake – or cutting and stringing skills!
Cotton Swabs (aka: Q-tips) to blow out of straws (air dart style!)!

Coffee Stir Sticks – great for chewing on for oral proprioceptive input!
Theraputty – hide beads, pennies, or small toys in it for fine motor play!

Pop beads – great for working on pincer/pincher skills!

Small tennis balls to be used as “Marble Munchers”! (Be sure to order the minis!)

Therapy ball

Pony beads – great for use with Theraputty!

Pipe cleaners – goes great with Pony beads above!
Weighted balls for proprioceptive input
Futzuki Reflexology Mat
Grounding Mats
Body Sox
Sensory Wireless Ear Buddies (earphones in a soft headband!)

Huggaroo Sensory Compression Bed Sheet

DreamGYM doorway sensory gym

Buh-nay-nay! Super fun stretchy toy for proprioceptive input!
Wikki Stix box of 468! Great for classrooms!
Wikki Stix 24 pack. Perfect for promoting fine motor skills!
Small party bubbles. Great for calming.
BOLD Chalk Markers. Great for writing/drawing on windows and mirrors! Watch this video.
Twist ‘N Write Pencils to promote proper pencil grip.

Poster Putty that we use in our office for a multitude of purposes
Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO)


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