Fight/Flight/Freeze/Surrender Parent Workshop: Facebook LIVE!!

Fight/Flight/Freeze/Surrender Parent Workshop: Facebook LIVE!!

In all of the crazy of the last few weeks, I completely forgot about our regularly scheduled Parent Workshop, tomorrow, April 2nd. The scheduled topic is “Fight/Flight/Freeze/Surrender”. I was just about to make an announcement that it was cancelled. But I thought, what better time for everyone to learn more about the Fight/Flight/Freeze/Surrender response than right now??

So, I am going to give this presentation in a “Facebook Live” in my newly-created Facebook group: “Sense ABLE Success Strategies”. (Y’all, it’s not even completely set up yet! But you need to have this information right now!)

All you have to do is join the Facebook group, and I will go live tomorrow night, April 2nd, 7pm EST.

(For those of you who are used to my free yoga class prior to the Parent Workshops, we’re going to skip it this time! But since you’ll be safe in your own home, feel free to wear your comfiest yoga clothes to the Live!)

See you tomorrow night!

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