Fear Paralysis Mom Workshop

Fear Paralysis Mom Workshop

Our next FREE Moms Workshop will be Thursday, October 3rd at 6:30pm. The topic will be the Fear Paralysis reflex.

Did you know that some of characteristics of a retained/active Fear Paralysis reflex are

  • hyper-sensitivity to movement, particularly being upside down
  • hyper-sensitivity to sounds
  • hyper-sensitivity to touch
  • hyper-sensitivity to light
  • hyper-sensitivity to smells
  • a tendency to be shy, clingy, or withdrawn
  • aggression
  • low stress tolerance
  • a tendency to freeze when confronted with a challenge
  • tendency to give up easily
  • presence of phobias
  • selective or elective mutism
  • an unnatural need for routines and consistency
  • poor adaptability/difficulty with change or transitions
  • perfectionism, fear of failure, general negativity, and/or a defeatist attitude
  • defiant behavior, “temper tantrums”, meltdowns
  • eating disorders
  • sleeping disorders
  • shallow breathing
  • low muscle tone

Join us next Thursday to find out what you can do to help the child(ren) you love!

*Don’t forget to arrive by 6:00pm if you want to participate in our FREE Sensory Yoga for Moms!

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