Our Team is Growing!

Our Team is Growing!

We are beyond excited and blessed to announce our newest team member, Terri Williams, OTR/L!

Terri joined our team in early May and has already proven to be a valuable asset to our team. She has been an Occupational Therapist working exclusively with pediatric clients for over 20 years, and she has completed advanced training in various sensory integrative techniques that she utilizes to help children facing challenges. Terri’s focus as a therapist is to promote a child’s physical, emotional, and social development through “playful” activities and family participation. The children already love her, and the parents can see the immense value she brings to their child’s life.

Terri’s summer treatment schedule is already full, but she expects to be able to offer more treatment visit openings in her schedule when school starts. Give us a call at 813-803-3470 to schedule an evaluation soon before her schedule fills up for the school year!

Speaking of school year schedules – can you believe we are already planning and rearranging our treatment schedules to accommodate the return to school for many of our precious clients? That means that we will fill up those after-school spots quickly. And we are already booking new evals for the 2nd week of August! Summer is going by way too fast, so call us now to schedule your child’s evaluation!

FREE Mom Workshop

Our next FREE Mom Workshop will be August 1st, 6:30-7:30pm. Ashley Schmid, Psy. D. will be sharing information about “Psychoeducational Testing for Children and Teens”. This would be very valuable information to have before going into the new school year!

Sensory Processing and Reading

Did you know that reading challenges (dyslexia) can be related to poor sensory processing? Specifically, the Vestibular (movement and balance sense) helps build a solid neural foundation upon which the visual (eyes/sight) and the auditory (ears/hearing) system rely. (Look up Vestibular/Visual/Auditory triad.) The Vestibular system helps set a “center”, right, and left, as well as a level horizon for our eyes and ears. If the Vestibular system struggles to provide that solid neural foundation, your child might struggle to make sense of what they see and what they hear. If your child is working too hard to learn to read, learn to spell, or learn to comprehend what they are reading, they may be struggling with a Sensory Processing Disorder. Call us for more information. 813-803-3470.

Progress is progress, no matter the speed.

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