August 2016 News and updates

Under the Sea

This month we will begin instituting theme months at Sense Able Brain Therapy & Learning.  The theme for August is “Under the Sea”.


Waiting area


We will incorporate the themes into all aspects of your child’s visit from the moment they enter the door.





It’s hard to limit distractions in the Sensory Gym.  It’s just so much fun to organize sensory processing!


The Mural Wall

Take a look at some of the fun activities that await your child this month as they work on their sensory, processing, attention, postural, fine motor/handwriting, visual, and learning skills!




wp-1470311305796.jpg            wp-1470311301176.jpg            wp-1470311295531.jpg



Everyone gets to contribute to the “Under the Sea” mural!

If your child will be visiting Sense Able Brain Therapy & Learning this month, encourage them to bring their favorite beach photo, ocean book, seashell, pet fish, or anything related to our “Under the Sea” theme to show and share with us!

And get prepared for our “Animals” theme in September!  It’s sure to be WILD!

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