Janet Carney, Literature & Language Arts Teacher

Janet Carney, Literature & Language Arts Teacher

Dear Mrs. Hazelton,

I want to share some happy news! The good report is about two boys who started down the wrong path. Both boys were enrolled in different literature classes last year.  One boy was in first grade, the other in third. While both boys were very bright, they unfortunately shared behaviors that were disruptive to themselves and those around them such as shouting out in class, interrupting classmates, and acting out in other inappropriate ways. They simply could not conform to basic standards of acceptable behavior. No amount of correction seemed to bring about even the slightest change, so the disruptive behavior continued throughout the year. In addition to the behavioral problems, the boys were unable to focus and attend to instruction. This also impeded their ability to learn. If things had continued down this destructive path, in short time the behaviors would have spiraled downward to a loss of interest in school and feelings of low self-esteem. Fortunately, the boys experienced a life changing intervention. I am more than pleased to say that intervention was you!

Not realizing the boys had been under the supervision of an occupational therapist, I was amazed and surprised to observe significant improvement in both boys this year. Instead of their usual inattention and disruption, both have been listening and mastering their impulsive tendencies. I was so pleased with the improvement that I enthusiastically shared the good news with their mothers. Each mother independently assured me that the improvement in her son was a result of your work.

Congratulations on a job well done, and one that will yield a lifetime of academic, social, and emotional benefits.


Janet Carney

October 2, 2015