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Our Sense ABLE Handwriting program introduces the basics of letter formation to pre-writers, AND gently reminds current struggling writers the proper formation and placement of letters by providing visual cues for letter size, spacing letters, and for aligning them correctly on the ground/bottom line.  It is designed to be able to be used by writers of all ages and stages, without making them feel like they are being punished.

This 32-page Letter Engineering program can literally be used without ever picking up a pencil, pen, or marker!  It is designed to introduce AND reinforce HOW to make the letters so that when it comes to actually writing, the movements are in the order that is most fluid for the human hand and can be made automatically, thereby increasing legibility and speed.

What’s included:

  • A manual that instructs you in how this program works, and how to present it to your child/student.
  • A geometric shape page to practice discussing placement of lines and size of lines.
  • 52 Upper Case Letters (2 of each).
  • 103 Lower Case letters (enough to be able to form short sentences.)
  • 20 punctuation signs
  • 27 numbers (3 each of 1-9)
  • 17 math symbols (plus, minus, multiplication, division, equals, colon/time)
  • 34 blank single tiles for your child/student to practice making the letters themselves (either with Wikki Stix*, a dry erase marker*, or written.)
  • 3 6-block strips of letter tiles for your child to create their own short words.
  • 3 6-block strips with size indicators for Wikki Stix. *

* This version of the Sense ABLE Handwriting – Letter Engineering is sold as a .pdf.  You will need to print it and cut out the letter tiles.  We recommend laminating the paper prior to cutting the letter tiles out.  Other materials are recommended to be able to utilize it to the fullest, but are not necessary.  Wikki Stix, dry erase markers, pens, pencils, Sense ABLE Handwriting paper, and other materials are not provided with this packet.



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