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The first step to making progress in any therapeutic program is a thorough evaluation. Our evaluations dive deep to find the root cause of your child’s challenges. We assess:

  • Immature reflexes: can impact emotions and behavior, head and postural control, eye movements, muscle tone patterns, and coordination (including fine motor coordination necessary for handwriting and speech).
  • Body awareness: necessary to know where your limbs are and how they are moving
  • Midlines: help us know where our centers are and how to move away from them fluidly and with good balance.
  • Dominances: can affect how we learn and process information.
  • Sensory Processing: is necessary to interact with the world around us and the people in it.
  • Motor coordination: safe and fluid movement in their homes, schools, and community.
  • Executive Function: for mature patterns for learning and relationships.

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If you’d like more information before requesting an Occupational Therapy Evaluation, call us at 813-803-3470 or email us below