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  • Sensory Processing Dysfunction

    Sensory Processing Disorder explained.

  • Sensory Processing – The Foundation

    Sensory Processing, sometimes referred to a Sensory Integration (SI), refers to the ability of the brain to receive information from sensory receptors in the body, process that information in different parts of the brain to make sense of an individual’s surroundings and demands, and then produce an appropriate adaptable motor and emotional response to that…

  • Unlocking the Power of Articulation Therapy

    A Journey of Hope and Progress In a world where communication plays a vital role, imagine being a child who struggles to articulate their thoughts and feelings. The journey of articulation therapy can be a transformative experience, not only for the child but also for their families and therapists. This article explores the remarkable story…

  • How a Speech-Language Pathologist Helped a Struggling Reader

    How Does a Speech-Language Pathologist Help a Child Struggling With Reading?

  • Phonics – the Essential Reading Skill

    Phonics is the relationship between letters and sounds, and it is an essential skill for children to learn when they are beginning to read. Parents can play a vital role in teaching their children phonics by incorporating various activities into their daily routine. In this post we’ll discuss strategies for parents to teach phonics at…

  • The Neuro-Developmental Path to Success

    You may have heard that the path to success is paved with failures. We like to think of it differently. We believe the path to success is paved with ebbs and flows. At least, the Neuro-Developmental Therapy Path is. The path to neuro-developmental success often follows a two-steps-forward-and-one-step-back pattern. Or it could look like a…

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