Administrative Positions

Client Care Coordinator

We are a pediatric Occupational Therapy practice looking for an experienced, professional, energetic, organized, and driven Client Care Coordinator to join our team to help support and grow existing and new clinics. Our practice is on a mission to transform the world by delivering the highest quality therapeutic intervention and client experience. This position has the potential for growth for the right candidate.

Skill Set:

This might be the perfect position for you if you are blessed with the following attributes and skills:

  • You have the ability to connect, motivate, and empower all those around you inclusive of customer service, client onboarding, and have an authentic quality to your client communication to maximize therapy outcomes.
  • You have a sunny disposition and are a charismatic leader who knows how to encourage team members when they are struggling and inspire staff on both good and bad days. Be the thermostat, not the thermometer!
  • You are humble and not afraid to get your hands dirty and will do any job from scrubbing floors to patient intake calls to advance the progress of the company.
  • You accept responsibility for every aspect of providing an outstanding experience for clients from initial contact through final discharge session.
  • Compassionate with a high EQ are required – we work with children with developmental delays and their families.
  • You are comfortable managing and leading an administrative team to achieve KPIs in a motivational and empowering way
  • You are a natural self-starter and a driven go-getter who wants to contribute at the highest level. You take initiative to learn in order to streamline productivity and cut waste.
  • You are highly organized – punctual, reliable, and your actions match your words.
  • You are naturally approachable, positive, and level-headed with a ridiculous optimism. People like working with you because you know how to have fun while being task-oriented and delivering results.
  • Strong and fluent oral and written communication. Aspirations of being the grammar police!
  • Extremely detail-oriented. You minimize mistakes because you care about getting it right.
  • You like to work extremely hard. You aren’t watching the clock because there is always more that needs to be done, and you like that.
  • You treat any company you work for as if it was your own with a drive and ambition to create at the highest level.
  • You are the epitome of a creator, a doer, a leader, & most importantly an effective communicator.
  • You are forward thinking, anticipating the needs of the team and clients in advance. You are often a top contributor to new systems and programs..
  • You have a familiarity with healthcare insurance and basic insurance jargon.
  • You have experience managing operations and working with lots of different personalities.
  • You are purpose-driven. Your primary motivation is to foster success for clients. You understand that a successful company is better able to contribute to your financial aspirations.
  • You have natural influence and are able to deliver the highest customer service and overcome obstacles seamlessly.
  • You are adaptable and coachable.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The responsibility of this position is to ensure a stellar experience for our clients, from initial contact through final appointment, and to oversee optimizing of our schedule and billing. This position includes both front and back office duties.

  • Create and maintain an incredible work culture that stimulates staff enthusiasm, collaboration, and rapport between colleagues.
  • Create and maintain an incredible patient experience and culture that makes our clients want to brag about us through word of mouth and positive reviews.
  • Collaborate and report to the executive leadership team to ensure all operations are functioning at the highest level and support any projects, activities, and responsibilities that further the progress of the clinic.
  • Facilitate and oversee the entire intake, customer service, and patient onboarding experience to increase patient census, scheduling, and overall growth to multiple clinic locations.
  • Manage scheduling for multiple therapists as if it were a Tetris game.
  • Ensure proper billing and collections in a timely manner.
  • Become an advocate and liaison between the team and executives.
  • Use your growing knowledge of the benefit we provide to our clientele and your empathy skills to engage and influence parents to make the best decisions for their child’s progress.
  • Schedule and conduct interviews with potential staff.
  • Coordinate onboarding and training of volunteers and new staff with therapy teams.
  • Support and assist therapists in and between sessions (retrieve therapy items, hang swings, cheer for clients, clean up)
  • Organize and coordinate marketing efforts with team and executives.
  • Ensure therapists are well supported by maintaining inventory through collaboration with staff and clinic director.
  • Payroll tracking
  • Answer inbound phone calls from clients and potential clients.
  • Ability and discipline to run the office without executive leadership on premises
  • Help to plan monthly and quarterly all-team events and celebrations.
  • Ensure facility cleanliness and organization.
  • And any additional duties that the leadership team assigns as appropriate.


To be successful and grow in this position, you should possess the following:

  • Strong leadership and management background
  • You are the epitome of everything outlined in our skillset bullets
  • Associates degree preferred.
  • 2+ years of administrative and operational management, or related experience
  • Extremely intelligent and detail-oriented
  • Strong work ethic
  • Outgoing personality with excellent communication skills (written, verbal, interpersonal)
  • Does not get rattled easy and incredible at multitasking
  • Results-oriented
  • Experience in pediatric therapy operations (preferred)
  • Strong efficiency skills
  • EMR Experience preferred
  • Extremely strong technology and computer skills (Google Suites/Microsoft Office, etc.)


Our mission is to Glorify God through service by providing exemplary therapy and valuable family education in order to enABLE children to overcome their challenges resulting in transformed health and quality of life, learning ability, and improved relationships for the child and their family, thereby fostering healing, hope, and harmony in the home.

Core Values

God honoring

Love, care, and respect for all

Ridiculous optimism

Drive for expert status

Agile, resourceful, and efficient

Fun loving!

Balanced life

Wowza!  Did you actually read this far?  Well, then you are already showing that you have some of the characteristics that I’m looking for!  So if you’re interested in applying for this position, please fill out this application!

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