ABLE Child at Home

What your child needs. Now.

If your child is struggling, you need to get help. And you need to get it now.

Our ABLE Child at Home therapy program allows you to do just that.

It starts with an initial Occupational Therapy Evaluation. We dig deep to find the root cause of your child’s challenges. Then we collaborate with you to develop a set of goals, and a plan to achieve those goals.

Once the plan is set, we guide you in applying therapeutic intervention in your own home by providing:  

  • a detailed plan with a set of exercises and activities to do at home.
  • a schedule for implementing those exercises and activities.
  • a weekly contact via email, text, or phone.
  • a 48-hour response rate to your questions/concerns (weekends and holidays excluded).

All of this for less than $9/day to be able to start to help your child, now.

This incredibly valuable program is available for only $250/month.

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